1st Korea
February 15 (Tue), 2022
Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas


Achieving Future Growth and Development of the Blockchain Industry

The 1st KBCC (Korea BlockChain Conference)

  • Date February 15 (Tue), 2022
  • Venue Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas, Grand Ballroom (5F) Venue
  • Hosted by HS88
About KBCC
HS88, a pioneer in the global blockchain industry committed to enhancing the economic and industrial values of the blockchain, will be hosting Korea’s very first regular blockchain conference, the 1st KBCC(Korea BlockChain Conference).
  • Exchanges
    Frontline players revisiting the
    history of the blockchain and
    future trends
  • Media
    Understanding blockchain
    industry trends
    from a media perspective
  • Blockchain
    Company Exhibition of
    NFT, Metaverse, DeFi,
    GameFi, etc.

Unique KBCC

Exploring the right direction for the
regulatory environment in the blockchain industry

Sharing the latest trends in the blockchain industry, Establishing a partnership for the growth of the blockchain market and co-prosperity, and Networking with global leaders



Time Program Speaker
11:00 ~ 12:15 Opening Remarks Kim Ho-sung. Chairman of HS88
Congratulatory Remarks Rhee Sanggi. WBO:UNNGO Representative of Korea

Speech 1

Cryptocurrency and Digital Economy
Kim Hyoung Joong. Professor of Korea University School of Cybersecurity

Speech 2

Realization of Blockchain
Park Hun-Ki. CEO of Busan Blockchain Industry Association

Speech 3

Foreign Exchange Market with the Cryptocurrency
Charles Pyo. CEO of Chain Partners
12:15 ~ 13:05 Luncheon
Session I.
13:05 ~ 14:40

Speech 4

Future of NFT: Asset liquidity and Digital Finance grand Innovation Driven by NFT

Lim Sun-muk. CEO of Datagen

Speech 5

Future of NFT: Blockchain Technology for NFT Data Security

Lee Jong Ryun. CEO of IBCT

Speech 6

Future of NFT: A New Digital Entertainment Content Market Which NFT Will Create
Daniel Shin. Vice Chairman of Global Digital Asset

Speech 7

What’s Next after DeFi and NFT
Jun Myungsan. CEO of Social Infra Tech

Speech 8

Past, Present and Future of the Korean Blockchain Industry
Chae hun. CEO of Bluehelix

Speech 9

Blockchain and DNA Big Data Bio Business (Pet Market)
James Jung. Co-Founder of FAUNUS
14:40 ~ 15:00 Networking & Coffee Break
Session II.
15:00 ~ 16:00

Panel Discussion 1

Blockchain Technology, Innovation and Opportunity


Jenny Zheng. Co-Founder of Blockcast


Anndy Lian. Chairman of BigONE Exchange

Davy Goh. CEO of Passion Venture Capital

Joe Lu. Partner of Origin Storage

Hwang Byung Sun. CEO of Bigbang Angels

Panel Discussion 2

Value of NFT and Directions of Its Universalization


Chris Shin. PM of HS88


Chon Jun Ho. CEO of Crypworld Korea

Joshep Jeong. CEO of KoreaApp

Yoon Kim. Founder at 3space Art

16:00 ~ 18:00 Closing Kim Joo-hyung. President of HS88
Networking and Photo Session

Leading Speakers

Park Hun-Ki

CEO of Busan Blockchain Industry AssociationVice President of BNK Financial Group

Park Hun-Ki, CEO of Busan Blockchain Industry Association, holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Seoul National University and he served as the Manager of Systems Integration Division and Director of Global Service in IBM-Korea. After that, he joined GS Home Shopping as a Vice president / CIO and he was selected as “CIO of the Year” during his tenure at that company, and he served as an Advisor of GS Home Shopping.

Since 2017, he is the Vice President of BNK Financial Group, in charge of the whole Digital & IT of the Group. And he served as an Advisor of BNK Financial Group, currently he is CEO of Busan Blockchain Industry Association. As a CEO of BIA, he is seeking and fostering promising Blockchain companies.

Lim Sun-muk

CEO of Datagen

Lim Sun-muk, CEO of Datagen Co., Ltd., established a company in KAIST, Daejeon in 2007, researched and developed CREAMBOOKS, privacy leakage prevention systems, IoT and artificial intelligence healthcare analysis solutions, and launched Korea's first commercialized blockchain service in 2018. Lim Sun-muk, famous for being the founder and blockchain technology manager of DAP Chain, is currently the CEO of Gen Media, co-CEO of Happy Education Co., Ltd., vice chairman of the Korea Blockchain Business Promotion Association, the Korea Blockchain Startup Association, and former KAIST Auto-ID Labs researcher. It has conducted joint research with KAIST and has various technology patents, including blockchain patents, and has developed an automatic charging stable system linked to multiple simultaneous access processing smart contract systems and financial systems to complete the development of Korea's first commercialized blockchain service "Gen Service" platform.

Currently, based on the experience of providing various fields (media, games, shopping, services, etc.) on the 'Gen Service' platform, in December 2021, the beta service is being tested by expanding the NFT proof-of-ownership securitization platform. An NFT securitization platform that can split and merge NFT is scheduled to be launched in early March.

Kent Kim

Kent Kim, who moved to the U.S. at the age of 17, met Baek Nam-joon, a world famous video-artist in Manhattan, New York. At Harvard, he wrote letters to 10,000 world's best leaders, including legendary investor Warren Buffett and received replies from Coca-Cola Chairman of the U.S., Ford Motor Chairman, Mitsubishi Group Chairman of Japan, and Matsushita Group Chairman. After graduation, he traded securities on Wall Street for a while, but in 1998, he held an art exhibition for Anthony Queen, the main character of the Old Man and Sea, at the Seoul Arts Center, and visited Cheong Wa Dae to promote a meeting between President Kim Dae Jung and Cardinal Kim Soo-hwan.

In 2000, he published a series of cartoons called the Harvard Man in the Dong-A Ilbo. He returned to Korea in 2005, and helped Chungdam Institute to be listed on KOSDAQ stocks. In 2008, he met with UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, and has successfully carried out the UN WFP National Bicycle Project for two years since 2016, and has been visiting Germany every year. In 2018, he visited the Gemini Exchange in New York, which was founded by Winklevoss brothers and visited Malta to meet the former Minister of Economy, John Dali. In 2021, he served as CEO of Coinbit, a cryptocurrency exchange in Korea.

Chae hun

CEO of BluehelixFormer Director of Huobi Korea

With his experiences in various organizations and corporations, Chae Hun has played a crucial role in enhancing Sino-Korean collaboration, especially in the blockchain industry.
He has also successfully introduced two of the most successful blockchain companies, Huobi and Blue Helix in Korea.

Currently, with his partners across Asia, Hun is investing in the global blockchain industry as well as artworks.

Lee Jong Ryun

CEO of IBCTAdvisory Committee of TIPS(ICT, Blockchain)

Martin Lee is a CEO of IBCT in Korea and has developed blockchain platform LEDGIS since 2017. He developed and provided a blockchain platform for data security to governmental agencies of Korea such as Defense Acquisition Program Administration and Police Science Institute. The LEDGIS platform has an algorithm that can solve the trilemma problem of the blockchain resulting in fast and stable functioning. After then, he developed the DID(Decentralized Identifier) technology and registered it as an international standard on the W3C in 2020, expanding the scope of blockchain technology and enhancing the status of it as an authentication technology. From 2021 until recently, he developed IDH(Identity DATA Hub), a core blockchain technology that can maintain integrity, reliability, and security of large-sized data. This is recognized as the next-generation blockchain technology that is expected to be utilized in all industries, as well as being used as My Data platform based on Web 3.0, etc.

Yoon Kim

Founder at 3space ArtElysia CMO

Yoon Kim is the founder of 3space Art. After graduating from Pepperdine University with a degree in liberal arts and business administration, he entered the blockchain scene in 2017 after working at STX’s project finance team. Since then he has been involved in a number of crypto projects including ICON foundation and Elysia. He started 3space Art in 2020 with co-founders from the art industry to discover ways to utilize NFT on digital art and collectibles.

Jun Myungsan

CEO of Social Infra TechAuthor of [Blockchain Government]

Myungsan Jun, CEO of Social Infra Tech, has written two books, [Blockchain Government] and [Blockchain, Innovates Government] related to blockchain. Currently, he is leading the Protocon mainnet project. Protocon, in particular, has dramatically improved the usability of the blockchain by introducing an internal fee exchange function called FeeFi so that dApp tokens can be used to pay fees by themselves without the bothersome of purchasing mainnet token to pay fees.

Chon Jun Ho

CEO of Crypworld KoreaMO Ventures Auditor&Associate

Junho Chon, CEO of CrypWorld Korea, has been working actively in the financial sector for 10 years since 2009. He majored in new materials engineering at the College of Engineering and has an engineer’s mind. Through many consultations with people from various fields at home and abroad, he gained a broad perspective on various professions, and is now able to present and implement solutions by analyzing situations with an open mind. In 2017, he became involved with the CrypWorld Foundation, which was set up to develop a gold-based stable coin project, by proactively consulting and participating in the project.

Based on his experience in the financial sector, he started his career as the CCO of the CrypWorld Foundation in December 2017. In November 2020, he established CrypWorld Korea and took the role of the CEO. After his appointment, he participated in the main net development and successfully launched the Crypworld Mainnet in December 2021.

Starting with the 'Korea 4th Industrial Revolution Festival & Blockchain Seoul' held in October 2021, he participated in the '2021 Seoul Blockchain Seminar Blockchain Business and Technology Convergence Ecosystem Vitalization Debate' held in November hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and shared his views about consolidation. He has received the Metaverse Grand Prize in the field of Metaverse and Blockchain at the '52nd High-Tech Awards Grand Prize Ceremony held at the end of the year 2021. He was also appointed as the vice-president of the “Korea NFT Contents Association” and is presently working to establish standards for self-regulation against the reckless issuance of NFTs.

“In the era of the 4th industrial revolution, we must encourage development of the mainnet technology and also discourage reckless NFT issues in order to exploit the new business opportunities such as blockchain, metaverse and NFT. We need an industrial body like the ‘Korea NFT Contents Association’ to play a key role in setting the standard.”

Joshep Jeong

CEO of KoreaAppCBO of Picaso Gallery Project

CEO Jeong Hak-soo (born January 30, 1980) has established and operated a company that develops blockchain-based software and coin payment kiosks in Korea and aims to realize a more humane and valuable world by combining innovative technologies into the world where humans exist.
As a developer, he has been working on developing stock information providing apps, coin payment kiosks, and building database systems for a number of major banks and large department stores, and the number is approximately 40.
CEO Jeong Hak-soo leads the business in the field of blockchain-based software development based on various practical experiences, and earned a master's degree in blockchain from Sogang University due to his academic enthusiasm for the construction of a sound blockchain ecosystem.
He is currently passionately building a business that combines a blockchain system with a coin payment kiosk to connect online/offline to synchronize.

Charles Pyo

Chain Partners

Charles Pyo is the Founder and CEO of Chain Partners Inc. He serves as the sole advisory member for blockchain and digital asset policy on the Presidential Committee on the 4th Industrial Revolution in Korea. He first entered blockchain in 2017 when he created EOSscan.io, the first major Korean blockchain application service provider. He then launched Chain Partners Inc. the same year as Korea's first blockchain company builder, through a successful Series A funding from institutional investors. Before launching Chain Partners, Mr. Pyo was a successful serial entrepreneur and founder, notably at Wizard Works which he exited in 2015. After leading Rubicon Games Inc. from 2010-2012, he launched a number of popular apps including SomNote, which attracted 6 million users in partnership with Kakao, and Magic Day, which attracted 3 million users and was sold to Yellow Mobile. Selected by Businessweek as one of "Asia's Best Young Entrepreneurs," he continues to influence and educate the public's view of blockchain through his popular online essays. Mr. Pyo received his BA in Communication & Business at Yonsei University.

James Jung

Faunus Korea Foundation., Co-Founder

- Faunus Korea Foundation., Co-Founder
- Korea Economy TV, the member of Blockchain evaluation authentication
- LG-CNS IT analyst


Who Attend

  • AI Times
  • Arkroots Fund
  • ATJ Company
  • ATO Corporation
  • Beijing Jinseyun Technology
  • College of Dentistry Kyung Hee University
  • DBDBLAB Corp.
  • Decenter
  • Descente Korea
  • Enable Daon Soft
  • FilmAR
  • GDA
  • GMoney Trans
  • Gyeongsang National University
  • Hdac Technology
  • Heedang
  • ICONFi
  • InteRefin
  • IPL
  • Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  • Karry
  • Korea Blockchain Enterprise Promotion Association
  • KLleon
  • Korean National Police University
  • Korbot
  • Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute
  • Korea Bakery Association
  • Korea Blockchain Association
  • Korea Coin Group
  • Korea Internet & Security Agency
  • Korea Investment Management
  • Korea University
  • Kyunghee University
  • Maeil Business TV
  • MCBrains
  • MetAUrum
  • Mooson Healthcare
  • Openull
  • Open Society Foundations
  • Origin Storage
  • Preventive Psychology Lab FOREST
  • Passion Venture Capital
  • RURI100
  • Samsung C&T Corporation
  • Saramin
  • Seoul National University
  • Seoul National University Hospital
  • SweetTracker
  • The People's Party
  • Democratic Party of Korea
  • Things9
  • 3space Art
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • UppsalaSecurity
  • Urimam Pediatric Clinic
  • Wavebridge
  • WSC
  • Y's Letter Investment
  • ACE
  • AMC Premier
  • Biget
  • CPP
  • Creative Bluesea
  • Daegwang Middle School
  • DaiBon Korea
  • Enomad
  • Eugene Investment & Securities
  • ILJIN Holdings
  • Klab
  • Korea Agency of HACCP Accreditation and Services
  • Mytems
  • National Fire Agency
  • NGS
  • NX3 Games
  • OpenSG Corp.
  • Paperad
  • Pentabase
  • Probit
  • Sadang
  • SCV Soft
  • ST&V
  • TheCheat
  • Trillionslab
  • VegaX Holdings
  • Viewee
  • Woori
  • You & Partners
  • AIA
  • Asiacrowdfunding
  • Bigbang Angels
  • Blockchain Co.
  • Busan Center for Creative Economy & Innovation
  • CodeArtist
  • CTS
  • Ericsson LG
  • Esri Korea
  • First Real Estate
  • Goodmorning Sungmo Ophthalmology Clinic
  • GToon Comics
  • Hanwha
  • Hanwha Life
  • Hitech Information
  • Hyperbridge
  • inews24
  • itsnowball
  • Juseung Holdings
  • KDhub
  • Korea Institute For Education & Evaluation Advancement
  • Korea Ski Association
  • KoreaApp
  • Korean Human Rights Association
  • KPMG
  • LibertaFnC
  • NBM Gallery
  • Nonghyup Financial Group
  • Piccadilly international art museum
  • Postrade
  • Rooted Partners
  • SDM Corp.
  • Sejong University
  • Sejung I&C
  • Seojeong University
  • Socialinfratech
  • STOVA Inc
  • Ubin Cultural Foundation
  • Uniqueshot
  • Wenergy
  • World Family
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3. 개인정보의 안전성 확보 조치 (주)HS88은 개인정보의 안전성 확보를 위해 다음과 같은 조치를 취하고 있습니다. 1) 관리적 조치: 내부관리계획 수립, 시행, 정기적 직원 교육 등 2) 기술적 조치: 개인정보처리시스템의 접근권한 관리, 보안프로그램 설치 4. 개인정보보호책임자 (1) (주)HS88은 개인정보처리에 관한 업무를 총괄해서 책임지고, 개인정보 처리와 관련한 정보주체의 불만처리 및 피해 구체 등을 위하여 아래와 같이 개인정보 보호 책임자를 지정하고 있습니다. 1) 개인정보보호 책임자 - 성명: 정택희 - 직책: 과장 - 연락처: 010-7452-3323 2) 개인정보보호 담당부서 - 부서명: 운영팀 - 담당자: 정택희 - 연락처: 010-7452-3323 (2) 정보주체는 서비스를 이용하시면서 발생한 모든 개인정보보호관련 문의, 불만처리, 피해구제 등에 관한 사항을 개인정보 보호책임자 및 담당부서로 문의할 수 있습니다. (주)HS88은 정보주체의 문의에 대해 지체 없이 답변 및 처리해드릴 것입니다. 5. 정보주체의 권리•의무와 그 행사방법 및 개인정보 열람청구 (1) 정보주체는 (주)HS88에 대해 언제든지 개인정보 열람요구, 정정요구, 삭제요구, 처리정지요구 권리를 행사할 수 있습니다. (2) 권리 행사는 (주)HS88에 대해 서면, 전자우편 등을 통하여 하실 수 있으며 (주)HS88은 이에 대해 지체없이 조치하겠습니다. (3) 정보주체가 개인정보의 오류 등에 대한 정정 또는 삭제를 요구한 경우에는 (주)HS88은 정정 또는 삭제를 완료할 때까지 당해 개인정보를 이용하거나 제공하지 않습니다. (4) 권리 행사는 정보주체의 법정대리인이나 위임을 받은 자 등 대리인을 통하여 하실 수 있습니다. 이 경우 개인정보 보호법 시행규칙 별지 제 11 호 서식에 따른 위임장을 제출하셔야 합니다. (5) 정보주체는 개인정보 보호법 등 관계법령을 위반하여 (주)HS88가 처리하고 있는 정보주체 본인이나 타인의 개인정보 및 사생활을 침해하여서는 아니됩니다. (6) 정보주체는 개인정보보호법 제 35 조에 따른 개인정보 열람청구를 아래의 부서에 할 수 있습니다. (주)HS88는 정보주체의 열람청구가 신속하게 처리되도록 노력하겠습니다. - 부서명: 운영팀 - 담당자: 정택희 - 연락처: 010-7452-3323 6. 개인정보 자동 수집 장치의 설치∙운영 및 거부에 관한 사항 (1) (주)HS88은 이용자에게 개별적인 맞춤서비스를 제공하기 위해 이용정보를 저장하고 수시로 불러오는 ‘쿠키(cookie)’를 사용합니다. (2) 쿠키는 웹사이트를 운영하는데 이용되는 서버(https)가 이용자의 컴퓨터 브라우저에게 보내는 소량의 정보이며 이용자들의 PC 컴퓨터내의 하드디스크에 저장되기도 합니다. - 쿠키의 사용목적: 이용자가 방문한 각 서비스와 웹 사이트들에 대한 방문 및 이용형태, 인기 검색어, 보안접속 여부, 등을 파악하여 이용자에게 최적화된 정보 제공을 위해 사용됩니다. - 쿠키의 설치∙운영 및 거부: 웹브라우저 상단의 도구>인터넷 옵션>개인정보 메뉴의 옵션 설정을 통해 쿠키 저장을 거부 할 수 있습니다. - 쿠키 저장을 거부할 경우 맞춤형 서비스 이용에 어려움이 발생할 수 있습니다.

Personal Information Management Policy In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, HS88 is committed to protecting all personal information collected from the subject of information and handling complaints concerning the management of personal information in a prompt and smooth manner, and accordingly adopts and discloses the privacy policy defined below. I. PRIVACY POLICY (1) Definitions 1. Conference: Conference refers to the 1st KBCC(Korea BlockChain Conference) 2. Conference Registrant: An individual who has submitted a Conference registration form in order to participate in the 1st KBCC(Korea BlockChain Conference). 3. Conference Participant: A Conference registrant who has participated in the 1st KBCC(Korea BlockChain Conference). (2) Purpose and Scope of Management of Personal Information 1. HS88 manages personal information for the following purposes: -Management of Conference invitations and participations -Securing of an efficient communication route for Conference notifications and inquiries handling -Provision of information on future Conference, etc. 2. HS88 manages the following forms of personal information: - Conference Registration *Required fields: First Name, Last Name, Organization, Division, Position, E-mail, Mobile - The following items may be automatically generated through use of Internet services: IP addresses, cookies, MAC addresses, service usage records, visit records, bad usage records, etc. (3) Personal Information Retention Period and Destruction 1. HS88 manages and retains personal information until fulfillment of its purposes (e.g., end of Conference). 2. HS88 immediately destroys personal information when such information is no longer necessary, including upon expiration of retention period, end of service, fulfillment of its purposes, etc. 3. HS88 destroys personal information that has been generated and stored electronically using methods that ensure such information cannot be reproduced (e.g. low-level formatting) and shreds or incinerates personal information that has been generated and stored in paper form. II. CONSENT ON ENTRUSTMENT OF MANAGEMENT OF PERSONAL INFORMATION For effective management of personal information, HS88 entrusts this work to the following parties:
Entrusted Party Entrusted Work Personal Information Use and Retention Period
WEtheTEAM - Overall management of Conference and personal information management, including collecting, managing, TM, and invitation mailing, etc. From beginning of Conference registration period Until expiration of entrustment agreement
O2Vation - Conference homepage service operation, service development, testing, management and operation of web server/database Until expiration of entrustment agreement
III. Measures for Securing the Safety of Personal Information HS88 takes the following measures to secure the safety of personal information. 1) Administrative measures: Establishment and implementation of internal management plan, regular training of staff, etc. 2) Technical measures: Management of access rights to personal information processing system certificate, security program installation IV. Personal Information Protection Manager (1) HS88 oversees and is responsible for the handling of personal information and has designated a personal information protection manager as follows for complaint handling, remedying of damage, etc. 1. Personal Information Protection Manager - Name: Teak Hui Jeong - Position: Manager - Contact: +82-10-7452-3323 2. Designated Personal Information Protection Department - Department: Operation Dept. - Name: Teak Hui Jeong - Contact: +82-10-7452-3323 (2) The subject of information can make any inquiries regarding personal information protection, including complaint handling and remedying of damage, to the personal information protection manager and designated department over the course of using the provided services. HS88 will answer and process such inquiries without delay.